About Holiday Friends Connect.

This Could be you!

The two owners, primary carers, Steve and Loo hold  Advanced Diploma in Disability  and Advanced Certificate in Residential Community Care (Disability)  We both have a strong interest in Person Centred Planning and developing meaningful individual programs in line with the current Disability Act.

Through our successful holiday accommodation business, we have developed a strong passion for promoting the Yarra Valley as a total holiday destination.  We have developed relationships with service providers and have a strong knowledge of attractions in the Yarra Valley.  

Holiday Friends Connect is a family run business with over 40 years experience in working with people with disabilities.  

Steve and Loo have identified a need for short, affordable holidays among friends.  We have developed a concept of bringing together people with similar interests and needs to form life long friendships.  

We have modelled the business plan on what we call the 'Rosebud effect', where people who have a similar interest in camping become life long friends simply by being holidaying neighbours over a short period.